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About us

*Pet friendly* To be updated

A contemporary steakhouse of big, complex flavours and home to Singapore's largest variety of wagyu tomahawk steaks.

Our ethos is simple - to create premium quality steaks without any pretences. The focus is on our food, our intricately balanced flavours & your feel-good factor. No need for superficial grandeur.


We are reimagining conventional steakhouse flavours to be bolder, by harmonizing the rich savours of Asian herbs, spices & cured ingredients with our food. Combined with culinary techniques of smoking, brining, curing & aging, we strive to create an elevated yet balanced dining experience of umami, savoury, bitter, sweet & sour for you.  Each recipe is a combination of our relentless pursuit of "being better than before" and countless hours of dedicated creative experiments. Guided by the impeccably particular palate of our head chef and owner, John Chan. A self-taught chef & restauranteur, who strongly believes that the pinnacle of great dining is on the chef's craft & how the ingredients are utilized, without any decorative frills.


We invite you to leave all inhibitions at the door and join in on our celebration of good social conversations over great food of bold flavours and zero pretences.

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"Big flavours,
zero pretences."