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27 May

Is Tomahawk Steak Better Than Ribeye?

Is Tomahawk Steak Better Than Ribeye? When it comes to steak, few cuts can match the popularity and prestige of the Tomahawk steak and the ribeye steak. Both cuts are renowned for their flavour and tenderness—making them favourites among many steak enthusiasts. However, despite their similarities, there are distinct differences between the two that can […]


26 Apr

Tomahawk Steak Cooking Techniques

Tomahawk Steak Cooking Techniques The Tomahawk steak is a carnivore’s delight and a centrepiece for any special occasion. With its impressive size and rich marbling, mastering the art of cooking this magnificent cut requires more than just throwing it on the grill. Different cooking methods, from grilling to reverse searing and sous vide, can be […]


21 Mar

Introduction to Halal Steakhouse Dining

Introduction to Halal Steakhouse Dining In recent years, the culinary landscape has witnessed a burgeoning trend in the emergence of halal steakhouse dining. More food establishments are now offering a unique blend of traditional steakhouse cuisine with halal principles—catering to a diverse range of diners seeking both quality cuts of meat and adherence to religious […]


26 Feb

Guide to Steak Doneness

GUIDE TO STEAK DONENESS Steak doneness, which refers to the degree to which the meat is cooked, is a crucial aspect of the culinary experience. It not only directly influences the taste and texture but also the overall enjoyment of this beloved dish—from the succulent juiciness of rare steak to the well-done firmness, each level […]