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Steak Etiquette

A well-cooked steak is a culinary delight that holds a special place in the hearts of those who appreciate the fine art of grilling and dining. Whether you prefer your steak rare, medium-rare, medium, or well-done, understanding steak etiquette is essential to fully savouring it.


Proper steak etiquette is more than a set of formalities—it not only contributes to the overall dining experience and appreciation of the remarkable dish but also showcases respect for the culinary craft and your fellow diners.


1. Selecting the Right Cut

The journey to the perfect steak begins with selecting the right cut of meat. Factors such as the cut, grade, and degree of marbling can all impact the final taste and texture of the steak. Whether you favour the tenderness of filet mignon, the robustness of sirloin, or the rich marbling of a Tomahawk steak, understanding your preferences and the characteristics of each cut is essential to choosing a meat that suits your palate. When dining with us at Tomahawk Steakhouse, feel free to ask for recommendations tailored to your preferences.


2. Art of Cutting and Consuming

When your perfectly cooked steak arrives at the table, try to resist the urge to dive in immediately. Wait a moment—this resting period allows the meat’s juices to redistribute and ensures a juicy and flavourful bite. When you are ready to cut into your steak, do so with grace and precision. Slice it against the grain in manageable portions rather than hacking away at it. This not only enables easier cutting but also retains the steak’s texture and heat, creating a more satisfying dining experience.


When consuming, be sure to savour each bite. It can be tempting to rush through a delicious steak, but remember to chew slowly and enjoy the interplay of flavours—take your time to fully appreciate the culinary masterpiece in front of you.


3. Sauces and Accompaniments

Many people enjoy their steaks with various sauces and side dishes. While these can enhance the dining experience, it is also important to use them carefully and in moderation. At Tomahawk Steakhouse, we marinate our steaks with the perfect amount of seasoning and specialty sauces, allowing the high-quality steaks to shine without overpowering them. Our side dishes are also masterfully prepared to complement the meat. To further elevate the entire experience, try pairing your steak with a fine wine or well-chosen beer.


4. Table Manners and Conversational Etiquette

Proper steak etiquette always includes proper table manners. Avoid using fingers to eat and use the appropriate utensils—a steak knife on the right of your plate and a broad fork on the left. Remember that cutting with your knife while using your fork to pick up each bite is the standard method.


When dining with others, always be considerate. Wait for everyone to be served before digging in and never reach across the table for something. Instead, ask someone to pass it to you. While engaging in conversation over a delicious meal is common practice, it is important to chew with your mouth closed. Speaking with a mouthful of food can detract from the dining experience and may be considered impolite.


5. Gratitude

Last but not least, show appreciation for the culinary craftsmanship and service by thanking the chef and waitstaff at the end of the meal. A well-cooked steak is the result of skill and dedication, and acknowledging it is a sign of respect.


Is Steak Etiquette Really Important?

Proper steak etiquette ensures that the beloved classic dish remains an exquisite culinary pleasure for everyone involved. It is all about respecting the meat, the meal, and those you dine with. From the choice of cut, to how you cut and consume your steak, adhering to proper etiquette enhances the joy of indulging in the sumptuous gourmet delight—while providing an opportunity to relish the company of your dining companions.


So, the next time you sit down to savour a beautifully cooked steak at Tomahawk Steakhouse, remember to follow these basic guidelines, and you will not only enjoy your meal but also demonstrate your appreciation for the exceptional culinary masterpiece.