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3 KEY traits steakhouses have that other restaurants may not

What’s the difference between a steakhouse and a regular restaurant?

It may be your first time finding out there is a difference between a steakhouse /steak restaurant and other types of restaurants, as they both serve food to customers.



Although they both have their merits, a steakhouse / steak restaurant has a few distinguishing features that can elevate the dining experience. Continue reading to learn how a steakhouse differs from a restaurant and whether you should celebrate a special occasion there rather than a restaurant.



A Good Ambience

The atmosphere of a perfect venue is as important as the food. The majority of steakhouses take pride in providing good lighting, decoration, and music to provide diners with a sense of comfort and intimacy.

One such example is Tomahawk Contemporary Steakhouse, which is conveniently located in central Singapore. Its welcoming atmosphere and warm lighting make it appropriate for any special occasion that you may have.



Speciality Steak Selections

Celebrating at a steakhouse ensures that you and your guests have a satisfying and hearty dining experience. Your guests can enjoy an impressive best steak selection, including tomahawk steak, widely regarded as the most premium cut of meat. Its impressive marbling results in a robust flavour and tenderness that is sure to please your guests.



At Tomahawk Contemporary Steakhouse, we are Singapore’s only tomahawk steak specialist, offering the most extensive selection of premium wagyu tomahawk steaks. As one of the few best steakhouses that utilises Asian ingredients such as salted fish and cumin, star anise, furikake, green curry etc, we offer a unique fusion of Asian spices in every steak that strikes a delicate balance of umami, savoury, bitter, sweet, and sour flavours. Our unique method of wet-curing the steaks imparts superior flavour, texture, and juiciness to our steaks, giving you one of the best, unique and delectable steak meals.



Exclusive Dining Experience


Fine steakhouses are distinguished by exceptionally attentive service, which ensures a satisfying and seamless dining experience. In order to address even the smallest details, these establishments usually have a strict standard operating procedure for service staff to follow. This includes details like arranging the cutlery with care and adjusting the air conditioning to the optimal temperature.



Tomahawk Contemporary Steakhouse is proud of its intimate dining experience, which has been meticulously designed for diners to bond over premium steaks. Tomahawk steaks are fully carved and torched in front of diners for an elevated dining experience. Furthermore, each diner will receive a card that addresses the host and explains the special features of the steaks. Our Novena outlet is also Singapore’s only dog-friendly steakhouse, so you can enjoy your steak dinner alongside your furry friends.



To make a reservation, click here or contact +65 8261 3992 for more information.

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