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Is Tomahawk Steak Better Than Ribeye?

When it comes to steak, few cuts can match the popularity and prestige of the Tomahawk steak and the ribeye steak. Both cuts are renowned for their flavour and tenderness—making them favourites among many steak enthusiasts. However, despite their similarities, there are distinct differences between the two that can influence a diner’s choice.


Before we discuss if the Tomahawk steak is truly better than the ribeye, let’s delve into the key differences between these two cuts.

Appearance and Presentation

The most noticeable difference between the two cuts is their appearance. The Tomahawk steak’s long, frenched bone makes it an impressive and dramatic centrepiece, often used to impress guests at gatherings or special occasions. In contrast, the ribeye steak has a more conventional appearance, with either a small bone or no bone at all, making it more practical for everyday meals.


Weight and Serving Size

Tomahawk steaks are significantly larger than ribeye steaks, typically weighing between 850 and 1300 grams, making them ideal for sharing. Ribeye steaks, on the other hand, are more moderate in size, usually ranging from 225 to 450 grams, and are typically served as individual portions.


Cooking Techniques

Due to its size and bone, the Tomahawk steak requires longer a cooking time and more attention to ensure even doneness. It is often grilled or seared and finished in the oven. The ribeye steak, being smaller and without the long bone, cooks more quickly and can be easily prepared using various methods such as grilling, pan-searing, or broiling.


Flavour and Texture

Although both cuts are known for their rich flavour and tenderness, there are subtle differences. The ribeye steak’s intense marbling ensures a consistently juicy and tender experience with a robust beefy flavour that steak lovers cherish. Meanwhile, the Tomahawk steak, besides being well-marbled, gains extra flavour depth from the bone—infusing the meat with a rich, savoury taste during cooking.


Cost Consideration

Reflecting their larger size and the presentation value of the long bone, Tomahawk steaks are generally more expensive than ribeye steaks. The ribeye, while still a high-end cut, is usually more affordable and readily available, thus making it a more practical choice for regular consumption.


So, Is Tomahawk Steak Better Than Ribeye?

Tomahawk Steak:

• Ideal for special occasions
• Richer flavour from the bone • Longer preparation time
• More costly

Ribeye Steak:

• Ideal for everyday dining
• More versatile cooking methods • Faster preparation time
• More affordable


For special occasions or when aiming to impress, the Tomahawk steak is certainly a standout choice. Its dramatic appearance and the ritual of carving around the bone make it a memorable dining experience. The added flavour from the bone can elevate the steak’s taste, making it a truly luxurious treat.


For everyday dining, the ribeye steak is often the preferred choice. Its smaller size, quicker cooking time, and versatility in preparation methods make it more convenient for regular consumption. The ribeye’s rich marbling guarantees a delicious and tender steak every time—without the need for special preparation.


If you enjoy the enhanced flavour that comes from cooking meat on the bone, the Tomahawk steak might be the better option. However, if you prefer an evenly marbled cut that is easy to cook and serve, the ribeye steak is likely to satisfy your palate more consistently.


Both the Tomahawk steak and the ribeye steak offer unique qualities that make them excellent choices for steak lovers. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on personal preference, the occasion, and the desired dining experience. Neither cut is definitively better than the other— each has its own strengths that cater to different tastes and situations.